Origins of BRENCO

Duchess Sophia Frederica of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, pocket watch collector. Circa 1765.

Mechanical pocket watches appeared in Europe during 16th Century. The earliest watches were more novelties than accurate timers, handmade with precious metals, decorated with rare jewels, and hand-painted with exotic enamel.

These watches were mainly sold to the princes, royal families and nobilities. The prominent BRENZIKOFER family was the first to dominate the trade due to their rich history in horology.

BRENZIKOFER, Circa 1830.

BRENZIKOFER, circa 1820.

In the history of horology, watchmakers first located in Germany, France and Switzerland – areas with wealthy princes, aristocrats and merchants who were prepared to pay for the precious timepieces. To come up with business trend, The BRENZIKOFER Family relocate their production line from Niederhūnigen to Tavannes, Switzerland in 1682.